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  • Accounting Aptitude Test papers

    Accounting Aptitude Test Papers

    KSh 799

    Access to 300 questions with suggested answers. 15 examination papers, each paper with 20 questions, covering all major topics in accounting and finance.

    Each paper is timed at 40 minutes and designed to ensure you pass the job interview.

    Topics covered in this E-Book
    • The Balance sheet components
    • Double Entry Bookkeeping
    • Accounts receivables, Accounts Payables and Inventory
    • Accruals and Prepayments
    • Bad Debts, Provisions and Recoveries
    • Depreciation and Disposal of Fixed Assets
    • Manufacturing Accounts
    • Financial statements of Sole Traders and Limited Companies
    • Partnership Accounts
    • Miscellaneous accounts
    • Accounting Concepts and Standards
    • Books of Original Entry
    • Control Accounts
    • Correction of Errors and Journal Entries
    • Bank Reconciliation Statements
    • Ratio Analysis
    • Statement of Source and Application of Funds
    • Incomplete Records


    This subscription comes with a free eBook!!

    You will therefore be able to practice online and offline.


    CPA Foundation-ICT Revision E-Book

    KSh 799

    This ICT-revision E-Book is designed for candidates preparing for theĀ  CPA foundation exam.

    This e-book has 18 topics, each with 20 questions and suggested answers at the end of each chapter. For effective use of this E-Book, it is advisable to use it after reading the recommended textbooks to ensure you have adequate background information covered under each topic.

    Topics covered include the following:

    1. Introduction to ICT
    2. Computer Hardware
    3. Computer Software
    4. Programming Languages
    5. Information Systems
    6. Computer Files
    7. Operating systems
    8. Application packages
    9. Computer Networks
    10. Emerging trends in ICT
    11. The Internet
    12. Data Security
    13. Information Systems in an Enterprise
    14. E-Commerce
    15. Mobile Devices
    16. System Design and Analysis
    17. Legal, Ethical and Social Issues in Information Systems.
    18. Role and Impact of ICT in Business
  • Public Law and Governance revision e-book Sale!

    CPA Foundation-Public Law and Governance Revision E-Book

    KSh 799

    Well-researched revision questions aligned with the current CPA Fondation KASNEB syllabus.

    This Public Law and Governance Revision E-Book covers 17 topics and is designed with the candidate in mind. You will have the option of revising off-line on your laptop or mobile phone.

    Topics covered include the following:

    1. Nature, Purpose, and Classification of Law
    2. Administrative Law
    3. The Court System
    4. Alternative Dispute Resolutions (DR)
    5. Law of Persons
    6. Law of Tort
    7. Law of Contract
    8. Sale of Goods
    9. Agency
    10. General Principles of Consumer Credit
    11. Partnership
    12. Indemnity and Guarantees
    13. Insurance
    14. Negotiable Instruments
    15. The Law of Property
    16. Introduction to Corporate Governance
    17. Professional ethics

    Get your PDF copy today and start your revision.