ATD Revision E-Books

  • ATD-ICT Revision E-BOOK

    ATD-ICT Revision E-Book

    KSh 999

    This ICT-revision E-Book is designed for candidates preparing for theĀ  ATD level 1 exam.

    This e-book has 13 topics, each with 20 questions and suggested answers at the end of each chapter. For effective use of this E-Book, it is advisable to use it after reading the recommended textbooks to ensure you have adequate background information covered under each topic.

    Topics covered include the following:

    Introduction to ICT
    Computer systems.
    Computer Hardware
    Computer Software
    Introduction to Operating Systems

    Computer Files

    Application packages
    Information Systems
    Computer Networks
    The Internet
    Emerging trends in ICT

    Data Security

    Legal, Ethical and Social Issues in Information Systems.

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  • Entrepreneurship revision e-book

    Entrepreneurship Revision E-Book

    KSh 999

    Well-researched revision questions aligned with the current ATD KASNEB syllabus.

    This Entrepreneurship and Communications Revision E-Book covers 15 topics and is designed with the candidate in mind. You will have the option of revising off-line on your laptop or mobile phone.

    Topics covered include the following:

    1. Entrepreneurship and Sel-Emploument.
    2. Entrepreneurial opportunities.
    3. Entrepreneurial awareness.
    4. Business creation.
    5. Entrepreneurial motivation and competencies
    6. Enterprise management.
    7. Current issues in entrepreneurship management.
    8. Emerging factors in entrepreneurship.
    9. The nature of business communications.
    10. Written communications.
    11. Oral and Non-Verbal communication.
    12. Presentation skills.
    13. Meetings.
    14. ICT in business.
    15. Ethics and integrity in business communications.

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