Welcome to revision4exams.com home page,the best online platform for your accounting exam revisions.This is an ideal platform for candidates preparing for KASNEB exams in Diploma in Accounting/ATD,CPA,CS,as well as other business and entrepreneurship related exams.

This is not just a site for the normal past exam papers you can download on many other online platforms.This site goes beyond that.While the questions are modelled to past exam papers,you will enjoy unlimited access to thousands of revision questions in all subjects with suggested answers. The questions are designed to make revision interesting & fun, with questions provided in different formats to test your knowledge and understanding.

Being prepared is imperative to stay focused and achieve the professional or academic milestones you aim for. Each level has over 1,500 questions designed with the candidate in mind and aligned to the new kasneb syllabus.No one wants to repeat an exam or spend years doing the same exam over and over again.Subscribe now and reap the benefits

ATDCPA FoundationCPA Intermediate
The Accounting Technician Diploma (ATD) platform contains revision questions with suggested answers covering all the three(3) levels ,each level covering four (4) subjects. The questions are designed following the new  kasneb syllabus .
The online platform offers candidates provides flexibility to revise anytime (24-7) and sit for exams with confidence.
The CPA foundation platform contains revision questions with suggested answers covering all the six subjects in this level. The revision is designed with the candidate in mind, following the kasneb current syllabus. Candidates can revise online, any time (24-7) from the comfort of their desktop of mobile device.The CPA intermediate platform covers he six (6) subjects in the current kasneb syllabus. Following the syllabus, the revision questions cover all the chapters, thus enabling candidates stretched for time to easily meet their revision requirements. This platform offers flexibility as candidate can revise any time (24-7) through their mobile devices or desktops.
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Download free KASNEB syllabus and past papers here