• Principles of Management Sale!

    ATD Level 2-Principles of management Revision Questions and answers

    KSh 399

    ATD Level 2-Principles of Management.Over 200 revision questions and answers  covering the following topics:

    • Introduction to Management
    • Approach to the management thought
    • Planning function
    • Organizing function
    • Directing function
    • Staffing function
    • Control function
    • The correct trend in management


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  • Principles of Economics revision Sale!

    ATD Level 3-Principles of Economics Revision questions and answers

    KSh 399

    Principles of Economics  revision questions and suggested answers covering the following topics:

    • Demand, supply & determination of equilibrium
    • The theory of a firm
    • The theory of consumer behavior
    • National income
    • Market structures
    • Money and banking
    • Economic growth, development & economic planning

    This plan has over 100 revision questions and answers covering the above topics.

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  • ATD level 1-1 year revision plan

    ATD Level 1-1 year revision plan

    KSh 2,497

    ATD Level 1-1 year revision plan  covering following subjects:

    • Introduction to Financial Accounting
    • Principles of Business Law
    • Entrepreneurship & Communications
    • Information Communication Technology (ICT)

    This plan has over 500 revision questions and answers.

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