Pricing plans

Pricing plans

Our pricing plans are designed with affordability and flexibility in mind. You can choose to revise one subject for three (3) months ,or a combination of 4 ATD subjects for 4 months,6 months ,or 12 months. CPA Foundation subjects’ plans are for 3 months (per single subject) , and 6 or 12 months ( for 6 subjects) .You have access to over 2,500 questions with suggested answers,all aligned to kasneb accounting syllabus.You will also have access to over 300 free questions and answers per level.

Below are the pricing plans for diploma in accounting (ATD) level and CPA Foundation. These questions are also ideal for those revising various business & accounting related exams (ACCA,CFIFA,Bcom,etc.)

ATD Pricing plans

Silver -3 Month revision planGold-4 months revision planDiamond -6 months revision planPlatinum-1 year revision plan
3 Months 4 Months6 Months12 Months
Three (3) months subscription for one subject Four (4)months subscription for one full section (4 subjects )Six (6) months subscription for one full section (4 subjects)One (1) year months subscription for one full section (4 subjects)
Kshs 499Kshs 1,499kshs 1,999Kshs 2,499
Sale-20 percent offer

Great offer for selected levels below.All subjects covered.

ATD Level 1

ATD Level 2

ATD Level 3

CPA Foundation Level

CPA Foundation Pricing plans

3-Month revision plan6-Months revision plan1 -Year revision Plan
Three(3) months subscription for one subjectSix (6) months combo subscription for all the CPA 6 Foundation papers One (1) year months combo subscription for all the 6 CPA Foundation papers
Kshs 499kshs 2,499kshs 3,499

All the revisions questions have suggested answers and are in different formats Including:

  • Short and long text written answers
  • Calculations
  • Multiple choice ( one answer from 4 choices)
  • True or False
  • Checked (with more than one answer)

To read more about topics covered in each subject,visit the following pages:

ATD : CPA Foundation : CPA Intermediate

Access free kasneb exam questions and answers here

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Pricing plans

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